Breakfast Tacos

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Eggs from Ada’s Heritage Farm
Chicken chorizo from Ada’s Heritage Farm
Cumberland cheese from Sequatchie Cove Creamery
Asian raab from Tant Hill Farm
Mustard greens from Tant Hill Farm
Milk (optional)
Taco shells of choice
2-3 Cloves of garlic

Sauté chicken chorizo until fully cooked, remove from pan with a slotted spoon, leaving the grease behind. Sauté garlic in leftover grease, add oil if needed. Add chopped mustard greens and cook until soft. Beat eggs in a bowl and add a splash of milk (optional) and grated Cumberland cheese. Pour mixture in with the garlic and greens. Salt and pepper to taste. Add everything to taco shells with the chorizo, avocado and Asian raab. The Asian raab gives a fantastic crunch. Throw some more grated cheese on top and enjoy.

Every vendor always brings unique products to the table specifically the kitchen table and to have multiple farms represented in one meal is something that feeds the soul as much as the belly.

Ada’s Heritage Farm specializes in rabbit, chicken and herbs providing a nice twist on some classic recipes. For instance, her chicken chorizo is a nice change for those wanting to take a break from pork or beef yet it still delivers a hearty portion of protein and flavor. Mother to Ada and owner of the farm, Lauren LeFever began her agricultural journey and job change to provide a healthier lifestyle for her family. Now with the full time help of her son Gabe and daughter-in-law Jacy, Lauren is branching out with value added products like hot sauce and seasonings.

Longtime market vendor and former first market manager, Padgett Arnold of Sequatchie Cove Creamery brings consistency, creaminess, and culture with their array of delectably different cheeses. Whether you say you’re cheesy enough or you’re not sure which of their varieties would please your palette, let Padgett help you discover your new favorite. The bubbly brie-esque Dancing Fern is great for get togethers (or just to eat a half wheel and crackers by yourself for dinner with a glass of wine). Or the newest addition—the Walden, their first pasteurized cheese and 2021 Good Food Awards Finalist, it’s velvety texture pairs well with anything. And you can’t get more local than their Shakerag Blue that is covered in Chattanooga Whiskey soaked, locally gathered fig leaves. It’s sometimes hard for me to cut into it because it’s so pretty.

Mark and Gina Tant of Tant Hill Farm specializes in Asian and Powerhouse greens providing equally interesting and delicious items such as Asian raab, bitter melon and edible yellow flowers. With this focus, the Tant’s offer a different spin to farming as their peak season is October through May so you can depend on a beaucoup of greens and healthy veggies to be available even in our winter months. That doesn’t mean they’re not busy during the other seasons. Spring plant starts are available now for a special price and you can pre-order summer plant starts by visiting their website or stopping by their booth in person.



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