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This email will be sent Sunday evening and will include the week’s vendors, what they will be bringing and how to pre-order if possible.

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Below, you will find the detailed list of what’s available each week. Each vendor will be handling their own orders and you will need to contact each vendor individually if pre-orders are applicable.

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Taking place in the Chattanooga Brewing Company parking lot, our hours fluctuate depending on the season – be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know.


Thanks to Southern Squeeze, we are able to double your SNAP purchases! Stop by the market booth to receive your SNAP tokens and more information on how to use them.

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As we are an essential service, providing local groceries to our community and supporting our farmers and artisans for over a decade, we are proud to say we never closed in 2020.

To create a welcoming atmosphere, we are encouraging customers to place pre-orders when applicable, wear masks and attempt to safely distance while at the market. Spanning longer than a decade, our market has always had fewer customers shopping after 5 o’clock. Therefore, for a more spacious, less crowded shopping experience, we recommend attending during our second hour. Again, we encourage masks to be worn and they are available for sale on site.

December 8th

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Ada’s Heritage Farm

Pre-Order is recommended as eggs and garden products are limited.

New Pet Items – dehydrated chicken feet or meaty leg bone chews, dehydrated fruit & veggie chip treats, pup cups (frozen raw yogurt), ground whole prey food (chicken or rabbit)

Pastured free range organic heritage Chicken and Rabbit products, processed on farm, no chlorine soaking – sausages to whole, we have it covered.
* chicken wings on sale $5/lb *

Low and No Sugar fruit and veg preserves, hot sauce, relish, chow chow, pickled beets, pickles of all flavors – made with our very own farm goods, from the cucs to the herbs!

Immune boosting Farm Grown Elderberry Syrup $15/pint

Sour Kraut is on the way, should be ready next week!

Goat’s Milk Soap, Herb Infused Salves, Herbal Teas, Dried Herbs, and Culinary Blends

Goat’s and Cow’s Milk Products – milk, crumbled feta, kefir, frozen yogurt. Pre-Order Only.

Garden – spinach, carrots, garlic, delicata, large leaf wrap lettuce, scallions, parsley, sage, oregano, dandelion greens, brussels sprouts, gold potatoes, broccoli florets, 8 oz bag

Email for COD, AHFarm@yahoo.com or visit our online store www.adasheritageeggs.com

Bad Back Acres

We have chickens, ducks, and some tasty eggs. Our poultry are Cage-free, Free-range, and never any hormones or antibiotics. As we like to say “Happy Chickens Lay Happy Eggs.” 🥚

Belle Chocolates

Chocolate bars, bon bons, jumbo chocolate chip cookies, and decadent caramel dark chocolate tarts!

Shop online –  https://bellechocolates.com

Bird Fork Farm

From the garden this week we have small batches of mixed heirloom radish bundles, carrots, arugula, salad mix, fresh (oregano, cilantro, and lemon mint) and dried (sage, cinnamon basil [use like cinnamon!], and carrot top greens [parsley replacement]) herbs.

From the kitchen this week we have Cinnamon Basil Simple Syrup, Jalapeño Simple Syrup, Datil Pepper Jelly (HOT and great on goat cheese), Garlic Infused Honey and Datil Pepper Fire Sauce! The Datil Pepper Fire Sauce has a rich smoky flavor while turning the heat up 300,000 Scovilles.

New from our Bird Fork Farmacy herbal line is immune boosting Fire Cider! Our onions, garlic, cinnamon basil, cayenne and datil peppers, wildforaged rosehips, Crabtree Farm’s rosemary, Red Clay Farm’s turmeric, ginger, horseradish and honey extracted with kombucha and apple cider vinegar which can be taken straight by the spoonful, added to salad dressing, or mixed in cocktails/mocktails!

An Herbal Earache Oil is also available. Olive oil infused with Mullein leaves and flowers, Calendula flowers and Inchelium Garlic this Earache Oil may soothe inflammed and infected ear canals, swimmers ear, relieve ear wax and tinnitus in addition to assisting our furry loved ones with ear mites. A double infused Calendula Scar Serum roller will also be available which assists in fading scars, assists wound healing, soothes psoriasis and eczema.

*Been interested in trying multiple tinctures? Well from 11/20-12/24 our herbal tinctures are Buy 3 and get 10% off!*
From our medicinal herbal tincture line which features seasonal wildcrafted and farm grown herbs:
*Catnip- stress, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion, and menstrual cramps.
*Chickweed- ovarian cysts, respiratory issues, inflammation, colds, fevers, rheumatism, and constipation.
*Elderberry- Immune support, anti-viral, inflammation, nerve pain
*Goldenrod- Allergies, UTIs, diuretic, kidney support, upper respiratory support
*Heal-All/Self-Heal- IBS, HPV/HZV, Allergies, lymphatic and kidney supports, diuretic, mouth and throat irritations.
*Milky Oats- high in vitamins and minerals, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, depression, insomnia, PMS symptoms, and regulated hormones.
*Mimosa- irritability, depression, mood swings, grief, PTSD, poor memory, and excessive anger.
*Mullein- all things lung related, phlegm, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, asthma, tonsillitis, and sore throats as well as gout, migraines, and joint pain.
*Raspberry Leaf- menstrual cramps, pregnancy support, mother’s milk production, gastrointestinal disorders.
*Red Clover- menopausal symptoms, PMS, hot flashes, indigestion, blood thinner, fevers, increases fertility and milk supply.
*St. John’s Wort- depression, seasonal affective disorder, shingles, herpes, muscle tension, aches and spasms.
*Usnea- bacterial and viral infections, phlegm, wound healing, skin conditions, and urinary tract support.
*Yarrow- Grown by Southerly Flower Farm! Immune support against bacterial infections and fevers, oral health, UTIs, painful and heavy menstruation, and external wound healing.

Blue Indian Kombucha

Raw handcrafted Blackberry Sage and Strawberry Heat made with Datil Pepper from Bird Fork Farm.

Need a refill in between markets? Visit blueindiankombucha.com for a list of retail locations.

Bread & Butter

We will have a selection of fresh baked SOURDOUGH BREADS, COOKIE PACKS, and GRANOLA available for purchase at the market each week.

We will still be taking PRE-ORDERS for the market and recommend doing so especially IF YOU WANT:

  2. TO GUARANTEE GETTING YOUR FAVORITE BREAD (we do sell out of bread at the market)

Our online store for pre-orders closes on Wednesdays at noon. If you need to place a last minute order, have questions, or prefer ordering by phone please call 423-803-4447. 

Circle S Farm

Circle S Beef roasts, steaks, brisket, ground beef, stew beef and more! Loofas and loofa gifts. Temple Top dog treat special…buy one box Temple Top original flavor and get a free package of soup bones 🦴 (we rarely have Temple Top treats leftover, but these are last weeks treats)

For more info and farm news visit our website https://circlesfarm.net/

Crabtree Urban Farms

We look forward to being at MSFM this week. To stay up-to-date with current CTF produce and products, please sign up for our weekly e-newsletter via our website at www.crabtreefarms.org.

Dayspring Farm/Pig Mountain

HOLIDAY ROASTS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER! We have 3 large bone-in prime rib roasts and 1 whole beef tenderloin available for your holiday feast! The rib roasts are as follows: 7# for $140, 7.5# for $150 and 9# for $180. The whole beef tenderloin is 3# for $75. To order, email pigmountain.tn@gmail.com or text 901-491-9929. The roasts are frozen and can be delivered as early as this Wednesday, or we can keep them frozen for you up until the 12/22 market. But order now because they will go fast!

We also have a few small bundles of fresh horseradish – email or text if you’d like to order one for this Wednesday.

At the market our freezers/table will be full with:

BEEF: burger patties, fajita meat, kebob/stew meat, steaks (ribeye, ny strip, filet mignon, t-bone, flat iron, sirloin, flank, butcher & skirt), roasts (chuck, shoulder, eye of round & rump), brisket, short ribs, bones for dogs/broth, and plenty of ground beef.

PORK: ground sausage (mild & hot breakfast, chorizo, hot italian, plain ground pork), thick & thin-cut bone-in chops, sausage links (bratwurst, hot italian & andouille), boston butts, boneless loin roasts, uncured bacon, hocks & bones for broth.

SOAPS: made with our pastured lard and raw goat milk (from fall creek farms) or sea salt brine. Scents: cedar & amber, eucalyptus mint, white tea & ginger, charcoal tea tree, oatmeal milk & honey, salt & the sea (brine), lemongrass scrub, willow & ivy scrub, and orange peel & lime dish soap. We’ll also have sampler packs and gift bundles with our handmade cedar soap decks.

All sales on-site.

Fall Creek Farms

We still have plenty of raw goat milk and raw goat milk products!

As it’s a bit complicated to size some produce, some items will not be available to preorder.

We will also have extra on site for those unable to preorder but to guarantee, pre-order at…



  1. Add items to cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Choose “PickUp at Market” option.
  3. Choose your market location and pick up date (Chattanooga or Cookeville)
  4. Pay online or preferably pick COD (cash on delivery) option.

Thanks so much!

P.S. If you are paying for shipping, you were not doing it correctly! Please only pick market pick up. It could also say in-store pick up. Please email with any questions! Thanks! 

Farm To Med

CBD Lotion, CBD Salve, CBD Honey, Organic Facial Oil, CBD Full Spectrum Tincture, CBD Chocolate Bar, Orange and Lime Sherbet Bites, and CBD Fresh Flower. https://www.farmtomed.com/

Feathers & Fruit

We will be there every week in December except for the 8th and there’s still a few tickets to come see the farm while attending my Pressure Canning 301 class on Saturday, Dec 11th from 11-1p. Tickets available on our website.

Due to limited supply, I will take preorders via email– Jessie@feathersandfruit.com.
They must be in no later than Tues, Dec 14th.

*How Do You Like Dem Apples-Perfect for teachers; comes with a pint of apple butter, quart of no sugar applesauce, quart of spiced apples & a handcrafted snowman shaker filled with our own Pumpkin Spice. $45

*Breakfast In Basket- A pound of our Cinnamon Apple Granola, a pint of no sugar Spiced Apples, a small jar of our extremely limited fruit preserves (because I hate making it), a cup of Sale Creek Honey with the comb, a mini wooden honey dipper, crocheted chicken trivet perfect for a kettle of tea. $45

*Tequila Night-Comes with homemade corn salsa, a handmade chip bowl & a special edition flavored Lemon Basil Sugar or Cayenne Basil salt & a complementary Bird Fork Farm simple syrup (Lemongrass or Jalapeno), two margarita glasses and reusable ice cubes. $30

*Italian Night-Comes with homemade stewed tomatoes, basil salt, a half-pound of fresh homemade pasta & two wine glasses. $30

*Bloody Mary Kits- Just add the booze of your choice, if that’s your choice as its just as delicious the way it comes. Sourced from other MSFM vendors like Fall Creek Farm, Jones Farm, Crabtree Farm, Circle S Farm, it comes complete with tomato juice, pickled fixins, & flavored salts. Two sizes of gift baskets ($30 or $60) are ready & filled with Bloody Mary Kits & a locally written Bloody Mary cookbook 😉

CHARLIE BROWN TREES Cut from our very own woods & comes with a red ornament $5-15
CANNING RING ORNAMENTS decorated with dried rosemary, red berries & pine cones $5
CROCHETED CHICKEN POT HOLDERS these cute chicks are colorful & useful $10

CINNAMON APPLE GRANOLA Made with a mix of my & Bird Fork’s Cinnamon Basil, dehydrated Wheeler’s apples & Sale Creek Honey comb. This is my first time making it this way (with fresh herbs & honey comb), so fingers crossed 🤞 I don’t burn it. Might be a good crumble topping for pumpkin or apple pies too. $4/6oz or $10/#

CHICKEN STOCK This golden juice is made from our own processed chickens. Flavored with farm grown rosemary & onion, this is the season to make rice or savory oats with it. $10.

STEWED TOMATOES Made with local farms tomatoes and minimally seasoned, these juicy jars filled with the taste of summer are great for soups, jambalaya or pasta. $10

PICKLED OKRA Made with Red Clay Farms okra, Jones Farm jalapenos & Riverview Farms garlic. Available in pints, quarts & half gallons!

SPICED APPLES perfect for pie making, these No Sugar Added, naturally sweet Wheeler’s Gala apples are the perfect pie in a can or addition to yogurt, granola or aside pork chops. Available in pints, quarts & half gallons!

EGGS! Farm fresh or pickled, there’s plenty to choose from! Buy unwashed, unrefrigerated, much loved, pasture raised fresh eggs by the half dozen, dozen, dozen and a half, or flat. Also get our rewards card where you buy a dozen dozen over time then get a dozen FREE!

*Classic made with Laurelbrook dill
*Beet made with Fall Creek Farms beets
*Mustard Turmeric made with Rising Fawn Turmeric
*Old Bay Leaf made with local bay leaves and plenty of Old Bay!
*Sri-ChaChaCha–out of stock & it may be getting discontinued 😫 but don’t fret as we’re working with Hoff & Pepper to redesign the recipe 🤩

*Rose Gold Salt made with my own rosemary and marigold
*Basil Salt made with Crabtree Farm’s basil
*Celery Salt made with Laurelbrook Farms celery
SNOWMAN SEASONING SHAKERS these black capped cuties are filled with homemade no sugar Pumpkin Pie Spice!

TWO BUCK PLUCKS: A small “budget bouquet” that includes wildflowers, herbs & an organically gathered feather. Weather permitting. Currently crafting holiday themed plucks with red berry-laden Nandina, Sage grass, Rosemary & Celosia.

Hoe Hop Valley Farm

We should have an abundance of whole frozen chickens every week throughout the winter.

For the next couple of weeks, we will have an assortment of parts like boneless breast, leg thigh packs and soup bones.

Thanksgiving put a pretty good dent in the maple syrup supply and we expect Christmas to do the same. January/February could see limited supply, according to weather of course.

Did you know that the Canadians have a strategic maple syrup reserve? Gotta have your priorities; Right? They recently released 50 million pounds, about half of the entire reserve to help ease the strain on producers caused largely by a 21% increase in global demand.

Land To Table Farm

Land to Table Farm will be at the Farmers Market with an abundance of fresh harvest pork, eggs and more.

We now have Fresh Harvest Pork to include: Bacon, All Pork Chop Cuts, Fresh Hams, tenderloins. Our Brats are fantastic. If you have not tried them yet you should. They are made from the ham roast section of the pig and are very lean and flavorful. We believe they will become famous as the Red Wattle Pork is considered one of the leanest and most flavorful porks.

We have an abundance of both Organic Duck and Chicken Eggs raised naturally on pasture and fed mostly organic feed.

In addition, our culinary herbs pair with our pork and eggs wonderfully and we have fantastic blends to ensure you have a wonderful gourmet experience.

We have all natural tea blends for ensuring a healthy mind and body. Ask about our Holiday Hams We will have our Subscription Program Very soon which allows our patrons Loyalty Pricing.

Pre-order on our New Store

Laurelbrook Farms

Hello everyone!

Gerrie and I would like to thank all of you for your support, love and smiles during these last two years at MSFM.

For those of you who did not get our we are leaving letter a few weeks ago, let me explain a bit!

We have been called to go start a very needed vocational school in South Africa. We will be living in a very rural part of the country where it is slightly safer than the rest of the country. We will also be teaching agriculture 🙂

We will REALLY miss you all.

I will be starting a news letter soon, so if you would like to keep up with our news, then please send me an email: gsmvermaak@gmail.com.

Warm Regards and Tight Hugs

Gerrie & Michelle

Midway Mushrooms

Fresh blue oyster mushrooms, fresh lion’s mane mushrooms, dehydrated foraged mushrooms

Niedlov’s Bakery and Cafe

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will have our usual assortment of breads: Chattanooga Sourdough, Cheddar Pepper Sourdough, Garlic Rosemary, Rustic Country, Seeded Country, and Honey Walnut.

Pastries: Sweet and Savory Danishes and Monkey Bread! We’ll have cookies and seasonal focaccia too.

Holiday Goodies: Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cinnamon Babka and Chocolate Babka, oh my!

Come and say hi!


We love attending the market as we get inspired to create new flavors depending on what’s locally and seasonally available. For an update if we’re coming and what we’re bringing, follow us on instagram or facebook.

Visit our website to sign up for our macarons club, get a list of where else our macarons are available the rest of the week, or to place a customized large order as we cater for special events too!

Ocoee Creamery

Ocoee Creamery will be there with fresh chèvre from our Grade A goat dairy. Flavors include:

Garlic Herb
Dill Chive
Smoked Horseradish
Chupacabra (hot)
Strawberry Basil
Wake & Bake

Orchard House Creamery

Raw jersey cow milk by the herd share.

Please email pre-orders of cow milk or grass fed beef to joanna@orchardhousecreamery.com. (Available cuts/bulk packages and pricing at www.orchardhousecreamery.com/grassfedbeef)

Red Clay Farm

Certified organic mustard greens, tender greens, winter squash, ginger, turnip greens

Certified organic micro greens kale, broccoli, carrots, onion, arugula, red amaranth, nasturtiums, red cabbage, purple kohl Rabi, spicy salad mix, salad mix, basil,

Granola, golden milk, popcorn, chai spice, flowers

PREORDER: walnut cranberry bread


Organic Stone ground greens oat flour, rye flour, pumpernickel flour, oat porridge, bread flour, whole grain flour, turkey red wheat flour, soft white wheat flour, soft red wheat flour, yellow and white corn grits, yellow and white cornmeal

Pre-orders are preferred. Email rshaffer1959@gmail.com.

Riverview Milling

Grits (red and white), cornmeal, polenta, popcorn, CBD products

We will have extra but recommend preordering to guarantee your order is ready for pick up. To pre order: Riverviewfarmsmilling@gmail.com

Sequatchie Cove Creamery

Cumberland, Coppinger, Gruetli, Bellamy Blue, Shakerag Blue, Dancing Fern

Sequatchie Cove Farm

Beef, chicken, winter squash and EGGS!

If you are worried the eggs might be sold out at the market by the time you get there then pre-order your eggs from sequatchiecovefarm.com and then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Southerly Flower Farm

Last week was the last time we will be attending MSFM for the season! We have been so thankful for everyone’s support throughout the 2021 season. If you still want a wreath from us you have one last chance at Mainx24. We will be at green/spaces from 8am-2pm with loads to finish out our market season. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Wheelers Orchard

Wheelers will have fresh apple cider, specialty juices – Holiday Wassail, Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Spice Spice Baby, Apple Green Dream, pineapple Mojito, and Cranberry Hibiscus Cocktail.

White Oak Valley Farm

We will not be able to attend the market this week.