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Fall Creek Farms started twenty years ago when Bradley Bleasdale brought home two goats as Christmas presents for his wife Dana. Fast forward to today, add their daughter Molly and son-in-law Caleb, they are milking 80 goats a day all while harvesting from more than five high tunnels and turning their son and daughter-in-law’s raw cow milk into delicious dairy items like yogurt, kefir, butter and cream.

Matriarch Dana is head herder and milker of their goats. Knowing every single member of the 150 horned-herd by name, she separates the milking mamas from the general population every night so she can easily parade them into the milking parlor early the next morning. Once the milking is complete and the critters are returned to graze their shaded pastures, Dana works on the seeding of seedlings. A collaboration amongst all the family on what they want to grow to eat as well as sell, Dana gets the plant babies ready to hand over to greenhouse guru Molly.

“My favorite vegetables are cucumbers, carrots, and broccoli/broccolini,” Molly said when asked her top three veggies to grow, “Cucumbers because they’re a fantastic hangover cure…but I probably shouldn’t say that. Carrots because every time my nieces come to the farm, they go pick one for me to wash so they can eat it. And then probably broccoli because mom and I have taken so many years curating the successioning and variety choices together.”

Daughter Molly works closely with her mom to ensure their succession planting schedule stays on schedule. Having planted and harvested crops twelve months a year, Molly recently recruited her husband Caleb, who was a farmer since childhood as he grew up on his family’s farm in Sequatchie Valley. Caleb, along with Bradley, work more on the machinery and construction of the farm while Molly does the planting, weeding and harvesting year round. 

Patriarch Brad is focused on the infrastructures; having built the greenhouses, packing shed, ever-expanding goat barn and their amazing house. With advances in technology over the last two decades along with the growth of their business, there is always something getting renovated and upgraded. For instance, they added a cheese room several years back and are currently building an in-law suite for Dana’s parents.

Oldest child, Ben started Orchard House Creamery with his wife Joanna in 2010. With the business growing as quickly as their three girls, they have expanded operations to include several pick up locations across town.

As they have never missed a #MSFMChatt market in eleven years, their passion, determination, and execution of excellent farming is something to be admired. Stop by their booth, get a herdshare, and take home a bounty of locally grown goodness. 



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