Free Range Recycling Rules!

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What began in October 2020 at our #MSFMChatt info booth, our Free-Range Recycling program went through all four seasons and has now grown into something smaller than we hoped for.

But making a difference is still a difference even if it’s a small one.

Originally, we accepted a variety of items like glass, plastic clamshells and twist ties but then that got a bit out of hand as we received items that no vendor could reuse and recycling centers would not take. Over the year, we found it necessary to narrow the accepted items to increase efficiency and cleanliness on actual market day.

We also loved having the weekly support of Greenspaces on site Wednesdays as they helped communicate our eco-friendly efforts, handed out resources like metal straws, as well as accepted to-go cutlery for the Community Kitchen. Sadly, due to recent scheduling changes, Greenspaces could no longer participate on Wednesdays and therefore we no longer accept to-go cutlery. However, if you have some to donate, definitely visit our nearby neighbors at 63 East Main Street as they also take wine corks. So, after twelve months of trial and tribulations, we are determined and happy that we can still keep the program going, even if its smaller as it will still help decrease waste and decrease landfills by giving some single use items another go. We found our vendors can only utilize the following items: Clean egg cartons, Brown paper bags, Plastic grocery bags, Rubber

The aforementioned items may be dropped off at our #MSFMChatt info booth as they will be distributed amongst the vendors. If you have items you think a vendor can use, before bringing them to market, please ask the vendor directly or email



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