Bird Fork Farm Can Be Your New BFF

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Recently acquiring land in Dunlap, owners and farmers Alysia and Stephanie use permaculture principles to steward the land for future generations and seek to contribute to the community through wholesome engagement and education

At Bird Fork Farm (BFF), their mission is to cultivate sustainably raised, high quality, nutrient dense, and pesticide-free produce year round for communities of Middle and Southeast Tennessee. “Our passion for food is strengthened by our love for the land,” says Alysia, “And our desire to encourage localized food systems while fighting for food sovereignty.”

They currently cultivate approximately 1/4 acre of produce, an acre of orchard, 7 acres for for organic hay production and steward over 45 acres of forest with an on-site spring and creek.

In addition to their Certified Naturally Grown produce, they also offer various ethically harvested in-season herbs and mushrooms, medicinal herbal extracts, wildcrafted jellies, syrups, and tinctures. They like to say, “BFF where the land is our best friend forever!” so stop by their booth to thank them, ask why they grow what they grow, how they grow it and start a conversation with one of the newest of our market members.



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