Bird Fork Farm

Dunlap, Tennessee

Bird Fork Farm (BFF) is a small woman owned and operated farmstead on the Cumberland Plateau outside of Dunlap, TN. Leaving our roaming archaeology careers behind, we began our farming journey in the middle of 2020 with the goal of using permaculture principles to grow sustainably raised, nutrient dense, and pesticide free herbs and produce. Through low-till and no-till practices, composting, and increasing biodiversity, we aim to transform this once heavily plowed land into a microbiological oasis for a healthier ecosystem. As a transitional Certified Naturally Grown farm, we use no synthetic herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. In addition to herbs, fruits and vegetables we also have wildcrafted jellies, simple syrups and our Bird Fork Farmacy line, small batches of herbal products with seasonal, ethically foraged or naturally grown plant allies.

Grow with us, as we transform our farmstead into an off-the-grid wonderland through rainwater harvesting, renewable energy sources, and community involvement to develop a closed loop system while creating trail networks and weekend getaways in the forest listening to the songs of the Bird Fork.

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