Elderberry In All Its Glory

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Ada’s Heritage Farm is known for their grass-fed rabbit and array of jams and herbs. Now they can be known to be known for Elderberry entrepreneurs as they offer Elderberry Syrup and as of this week, Elderberry Rosehip Gummy Bears!

As Lauren LeFever and her family reinvented her parent’s farm to provide more nutritious food for themselves, their goal has always been to help everyone have access to healthier options. Grass-fed rabbit. Slow-grown chickens. Pasture-raised eggs. Naturally-grown herbs. And now, immune boosting syrups, tea blends and gummies!

As if Elderberry Syrup wasn’t awesome enough for your immune system, Ada’s Heritage adds rose hips to her gummies because they are high in Vitamin C along with other germ-fighting properties. Unlike rose blossoms, which bloom in the spring and summer months, rose hips generally grow after the petals have bloomed and started falling off, which is usually in early to mid-fall. In fact, they’re considered sweeter when picked after the first frost of the season.

If you wanted to purchase a cold & flu fighting package for a friend or yourself, Ada’s Heritage could be your one stop shop as you could purchased chicken bones (make broth), tea blend (Nettle, Red Clover, and Holy Basil—all which is great for any sinus congestion), and Elderberry syrup or gummies.

Whether for you or a friend in need, any product purchased at Ada’s is good for your stomach, immune system, wallet and the economy so there is no argument that it’ll make you feel better instantly!



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