Goatness Gracious!

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Did you know Ocoee Creamery is featured at The Georgia Winery? Available at several locations, from Knoxville to Cleveland, we are honored to have them with us every Wednesday. Inspired by the culture of the Ocoee River community, former raft guides Mack Haynes along with his wife Anna, and their two girls, created this farmstead operation in 2014. Currently eldest daughter Eliza June is in charge of research & development as she currently working on goat cheese jellybeans and their newest addition Addie Jo is the official baby goat cuddler.

Formerly known as Rafting Goat Cheese, they changed the name because they wanted to make more than just cheese and the Grade A dairy product line now includes traditional feta and they are working on more expansion. With sweet & savory flavors like Fall Fig or Spicy Curry, there’s some to please every palate.

“Produced to stand apart, our products are made using artisan techniques and multiple cultures to create a flavor not found anywhere else,” he said. “Made in small batches, it receives the time and attention needed to become truly exceptional.” Located in , they practice sustainable agriculture and all natural cheese making and deliver the goods to places like The Georgia Winery, Spek Artisan Meats in Ooltewah and the most recent placement in the Chattanooga Sustainable Food Center in Highland Park.

If those spots or our wonderful market aren’t always the most convenient for you, you can message them to schedule a farm pick up. Its a beautiful drive out to the Ocoee and if you love outdoor adventure then visiting their farm could definitely to the next level. I mean, there’s baby goats for goatness sake! Check out their website, insta, fb or just shoot the breeze (or cheese in this case) while visiting their booth.



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