Salt To Taste

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I consider myself a coleslaw connoisseur and not a fan of a soupy, mayonnaise drenched soggy slaw that lacks in flavor. I have found that your seasoning is crucial especially the salt as it pulls out the ingredients’ moisture.

2 quarts shredded Fall Creek Farms cabbage
1 quart shredded Crabtree Farm carrots
1 quart shredded Circle S Farm pink & purple daikons
3 TB Feathers & Fruit Celery vinegar
1+ TB Feathers & Fruit Celery salt
1+ TB mayo (creamy substance of choice)

Mix all the veggies together first then toss in the vinegar & salt. Let set in the fridge a few hours/overnight to allow the salt to work its magic.
Taste it. Depending on how much moisture is released, you may want to add more salt. Taste it again. Depending on how creamy you like your slaw, add the mayo a tablespoon at a time to ensure you don’t over do it. Taste it again.

Then feel free to continue to… salt to taste.



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  1. maryon wright

    The radish makes all the difference


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