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The trend of having meal prep boxes shipped directly to one’s home is astounding me as I am not a fan of food that comes with so many miles when there is ample sustainable sustenance within reach. I know friends who partake in different subscriptions, whether ugly produce or paleo-centric, and I totally see the draw as it contains no thought and little effort but in my opinion, some things like food should always take thought and effort.

Even when I struggle to make a meal, I never think to have a random box sent miles across the county to provide me with items that I could not access locally. Tonight, I ate a bowl of roasted sweet potatoes and brauts topped with sauerkraut– simple, well rounded, gut healthy and only dirtied one dish. I struggle to write recipes as my dishes are very much simplistic like that. I have been known to eat just a bowl of roasted beets with basil salt. So, to help shoppers who may want more guidance on how to prepare their market finds, we shall have a new blogger for Spring who will provide collaborative concoctions consisting of more than one vendor’s products.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) time is here and its an ideal opportunity to receive local, sustainable, less traveled meal boxes full of fresh, seasonal, regional items. Now yes, these do not get shipped to your door but they can be picked up at other places than the Main St. Farmers Market.

One of our newest vendors, Red Clay Farm’s Summer 2021 CSA signup is open! Their CSA is 24 weeks (May-October) and each CSA box will feed two people with all Certified Organic and seasonal items. Starting the season off with lots of strawberries, lettuce, kale, turnips and cucumbers followed by, peppers, tomatoes onions, watermelons, summer squash, okra and as you go into fall, winter squash, grits, sweet taters, popcorn, microgreens, and more! Be sure to talk with father and son, Ron or Seth, to find out how you can sign up for a season of edible surprises.



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