Bitter Is Better

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Mark and Gina Tant, of Tant Hill Farms, have been a staple at the market for more than ten years. A welcoming duo, who’s booth has been voted amongst the members as best decorated year after year, the provide more than nutritious power greens and savory eggs.

Nestled in La Fayette, Georgia, Tant Hill Farm is a 100 year old farm that still has the old homestead, barn and hand dug well  in use.  The land is on rolling hills and fertile soil that give a perfect environment to produce  naturally grown fruits and vegetables. Gina, having a passion for Asian vegetables enjoys growing items like bok choy, daikons, and this week’s feature— bitter melon.

The powerhouse couple who grows powerhouse greens, balances their works as Mark takes care of their pasture raised, non-gmo, non-soy fed egg laying ladies and helps Gina who takes care of the 5 greenhouses filled with veggies. As they worked together in video production for years before unplugging and becoming farmers, collaboration is no stranger to these two and their products combine beautifully in a cast iron skillet.

“Whatever you want to call a chicken egg—whether it be a cackle berry, butt nugget or farm fresh eggs— raising chickens is one of our passions here at Tant Hill Farm. The girls live a happy, healthy life and are happy to provide the fruits of their labor on a daily basis,” Mark said as he oversees the flock.

Gina adds, “Our primary growing season is October through May using protected culture. We enjoy providing a variety of Powerhouse Greens including Asian Greens throughout the winter!” One of the most interesting items I have eaten from Tant HIll is the Bitter Melon, also called Goya, Karela, Balsam Pear or Bitter Gourd. Gina tells me of a Japanese Proverb, “‘Ryouyaku wa kuchi ni nigashi’ which means ‘Good medicine tastes bitter’ and it is the story of the Goya.”

Enjoy sliced bitter melon, with skin on, seared in a skillet with minced garlic and onion which help balance the taste. Then serve it up alongside some farm fresh, free range eggs to make for a filling breakfast. Preorder this array of taste on their new online shopping platform and while there, don’t hesitate to pick up at least one Farm Support too! They are currently looking to hire farm help and possibly include lodging. Contact or call 423-637-9793.



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