Bloom Where You’re Planted

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Flowers, Vendors | 0 comments

After surviving tornadoes, Covid and now a recent house fire, Matthew & Sarah Ervin are still growing strong in Graysville at Southerly Flower Farms. The farm, which was originally Sarah’s grandparents’, was just south of Matthew’s family and Sarah and Matthew found each other and their passion for growing their own memories around that farm.

You can see their deep connection to that land in every stemmed story that is bundled in each bouquet. The market is yes food focused, but it is farmer focused too and to support local, sustainable small businesses is the main market ingredient.

“We have been so incredibly grateful for what this place has provided us. It is our mission to do this farming thing sustainably, to take care of the land in return. And the best part? We get to share it with you!”

Welcome Matthew and Sarah back to another market season with a smile while you treat yourself to a hand-picked, much loved, daydream-inspiring bouquet of summery rudbeckia, ammi, larkspur, beautiful yarrow, dianthus, bachelor button, feverfew and more!



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