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I had two doctors appointments recently and they both told me that my Vitamin D levels were low. I’m thinking how can this be when I am in the sun, out in the field seven days a week?! Both doctors told me that most people are Vitamin D deficient and sunscreen may block the harmful rays but it also blocks the good stuff from the sun. As both doctors recommended supplements, I wanted to go more of a natural route and get the boost from what I eat and drink.

So my first thought was to drink more milk as I have been buying Vitamin D milk from the grocery store for years but maybe it wasn’t enough. So when I started sourcing locally, I found Fall Creek Farms and their herd share featuring both raw cow and goat milk. I learned about the benefits of raw milk and was astonished to learn how there were some recent struggles with government regulations on selling raw milk. Thankfully, the proposed legislation was not passed and I am still able to acquire the goods straight from the source.

The raw cow milk is creamy, goes down smooth and makes an amazing ice cream. The raw goat milk was a bit more of a herd-le (bwahaha!) that I was able to overcome. I’m so used to bland tasting pasteurized milk that the flavor of the goat milk was standoffish at first but now I have made it my breakfast go to.

Did you know that goat milk contains low sugar and has a low cholesterol level. It is high in calcium as well as Vitamin A and D. And since their goats graze on fresh pasture, the milk also offers a higher amount of omega-3. Stop by and talk with Brad or Danae about their goat milk and discover how you can easily fill your body with vital nutrients with a simple change in your daily diet.

Goat Goes Banana Smoothie

2 cups of raw goat milk

1/2lb frozen bananas (usually 1-1/2 banana)

1 heaping tablespoon of smooth peanut butter

2 heaping tablespoons of chia seeds or flaxseeds

Blend it all and it makes enough for two 16oz servings which is a perfect, filling breakfast for two on the go.



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