One Haul of a Market


The sustainable, supporting local food journey has been quite a venture as I have met some hurdles whilst boycotting bar codes and eating seasonally. Unlike any other market in town, I have found that I can source a completely fulfilling, local, nutritious diet all from the Main St. Farmers Market but it has taken some proper planning. With convenience and instant gratification being a demand of today’s society, I became accustomed to having everything and anything available at the click of a button and have been working most of the year to break that bad instantaneous habit.

If one is to change their gluttonous, indulgent foodie lifestyle then it will definitely take more than few months to acclimate the grocery getting routine. We only went without local coffee two times before I realized that could not happen again. Never again.

My goal with this blog is to help provide an in-depth look allowing more-than-exceptional experiences before, during, and after and the market. With that being said, I have just discovered a simple tip that revolutionized my market shopping experience. Excess baggage.

I was bringing one reusable tote and quickly outgrew it during the peak produce, summer season. Along with the ample selection of fresh meats, I needed to step my shopper game up and bring a insulated tote that could hold fresh cuts, bubbling kombucha and heat-sensitive crops.

The Main Street Farmers Market has logoed reusable bags for sale at their info booth. You can purchase either a $5 collapsible tote (available in green, blue, or red) or a $10 insulated lime green tote. With the market being a non-profit, the proceeds from all your purchases (honey, totes, dip jar) at the info booth go directly to keeping the market successful and running all year long.

After picking up all your goodies this week, tag the market with #msfmhaul #markethaul #mainstfarmershaul

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