Pesto, Pimento & Hummus! Oh my!

I say that I treat hummus and pesto like my taxes…I don’t mind paying someone else to do it.

Eating locally has become easier over the past decade but there are still some items that I am searching out to have regular access to like peanut butter and limes. Thankfully Bread & Butter makes a fantastic hummus as well as pesto sauce and pimento cheese. These three dips, available in their cooler at both our market and their Red Bank store front, provide ample alterations to every day meals.

The pesto, made from local basil, is a wonderful addition to grilled chicken or roasted veggies. Thicken it up with sour cream to create more of a dip friendly dish. The pimento cheese, made with Bread & Butter’s own pickled veggies and egg-less mayo, has heightened my grilled cheese sammich game and the hummus is a savory swap in the place of mayo on my summer go-to cucumber-tomato sandwiches.

Now yes, i will eat all of these with a spoon but, as I’m trying to keep it classy this summer, harvesting farm fresh veggies like zephyr squash or okra to scoop up these creamy dips will cool down any palate. In this heat, I have to keep my meals like my farm life—fulfilling, colorful and simple.