Month of Dips


Whether taking a dip in the water or serving a dip at a party, ‘tis the season for dipping! This month, I’m going to go over a variety of dips to help keep your summer days cool and bellies full. For the week of the July 4th, I am suggesting a fruit dip as the color and simplicity will make any picnic pop.

I’ve used a few fruit dip recipes over time but, like most meals, it’s all to your liking. I like my fruit dip like me, sweet and chunky, therefore I prefer equal parts cream cheese to fruit. Some recipes call for powdered sugar but with the amount of sweeteners out there, choose what you like. I even saw a recipe using marshmallow fluff but that is too sweet for me. I am a fan of letting nature’s sweeteners, like peaches or berries, do the sweetening so I don’t add anything besides pureed or softened fruit.

Softening the cream cheese takes longer than mixing the ingredients so this is a great quick and healthy sweet fix for any mix of family or friends. Once the cream cheese softened, mix it with your fruit of choice, add a sweetener if you choose and serve it up. It should be that simple. I have a couple friends who make their own yogurt so that could be a healthier option but again, keep it simple and let the ingredients do the work. With these summer dips, the emphasis is on enjoying a homemade treat whilst spending less time in the kitchen and therefore more time with friends around the dip!

1 pound of softened cream cheese (takes 15-30 minutes)

1 pound of softened or pureed fruit

If you choose: 1 cup of sweetener

1 tsp of lemon or lime juice

Hand mix all together and serve with graham crackers or other fruit. I love blueberry fruit dip served with Jones’ peaches. Happy Independence Day and enjoy the fruitful bounty of friends, family, fireworks and freedoms!

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