The Pondering Prepper

As the temperatures rise, so does the abundance of produce at the market. If you partake in a CSA, which you definitely should, then you probably find the weekly meal planning becomes a bit more cu-cumbersome during the summer.

Throughout my years as a CSA member, I have learned that preparing before pick up is sometimes tricky and the processing of said box can be the most time consuming. I need at least 2 hours to prep all the veggies, and that is if I don't wander off to continue laundry or answer a text...and I always wander off. 

With that said, I have opted this summer for Friday Food Prep Parties to make the market experience more enjoyable. These little get togethers need not be formal nor extravagant. I keep an open invite for friends with or without their kids, my husband, neighbors, and anyone who may want to go eat locally. I have offered to bring my fennel and turmeric to fellow market friends who are interested in thinking outside their CSA box. 
If you pick up your CSA at our market, then tackling it Friday is a good opportunity as it gives you a day to look up recipes and remind your invitees that they know where to join you Friday nights. If it ends up being a party of one, still make a night of it, turn up the music and don an apron with slippers.

Cook Smarts has a Produce Prep Guide to help you as you break down that box.

Now yes, like any grocery shopping, coming to the market is much easier when you have a list or at least a plan. However, food flexibility is important for the consumer as it is the farmer. A chicken may get sick, a freezer may break or it may have rained for 22 days in February. You can prep all you want but things happen.

Weekly Meal Plan and Market list.jpg