Free-range Blogger


For those of you who have not visited my booth yet this season, I’d like to introduce myself; Jessie Gantt-Temple, co-owner of Feathers & Fruit and your new blogger. Originally from Baltimore, I have lived in Chattanooga since 2014 and began my farm in 2016. With over 200 chickens and a fruit orchard , as a first generation farmer, I am still growing my skill in the field and in the kitchen. Your beloved blog will continue to have local recipes and feature products from our vendors, however I warn you that I have burned hard boiled eggs three times in my life so my menu may not be as elaborate as those in the past. I am also striving to change my diet, which I like to refer to as a live it, and remove processed food especially fast food and soda. That being said, my intention with this blog is threefold: to highlight individual vendors so you can really get to know your farmer, share tips and tricks that will improve your market experience, and provide recipes that utilize your fresh market finds!