A New Partnership

Sustainability and supporting local go hand in hand so it was a natural fit that Chattanooga's first brewery, Chattanooga Brewing, partner with their neighboring farmers market. Focused on growing community and providing ethically raised farm to table sustenance, Chattanooga Brewing is pleased to announce the Monthly Main St Farmers Market Feature! Made with products directly from your MSFM vendors, stop in anytime to try Chattanooga Brewing's chef Derek's creation and maybe it will become a staple on their evolving menu!

To make this collaboration even more mouth watering, shop at the Main St Farmers Market and receive a complimentary beer ticket to use that day at Chattanooga Brewing!

Photos from Chattanooga Brewing

Photos from Chattanooga Brewing

Chef Derek has generously shared some of his recipes this week. The first uses a variety of mushrooms from Possum Bottom Farms, and the second, Brussels sprouts from Fall Creek Farms. Thanks Derek!

Raw mushrooms hands.jpg

Sautéed mixed mushrooms:

Use a desired mix of about 3 oz mushrooms per serving.

Trim stems and clean any visible dirt from mushrooms

Heat a skillet on medium heat, add some oil to the pan, and sauté mushrooms until cooked through and caramelized. Finish with salt and pepper, a cube of butter, and fresh herbs

Cooked mushrooms bowl hands.jpg

Crispy Brussels sprouts:

Trim the ends of Brussels (use about 4 oz per serving) and cut in half lengthwise

Fry in deep fryer at 300 degrees for 2-3 minutes depending on size

Drain oil and transfer to mixing bowl

Toss with salt and pepper, grated cotija or Parmesan cheese (or use Gruetli once available this summer)

Serve with malt aioli

Malt Aioli

3 cloves garlic (or more, to taste)

2 tablespoons oil (canola, olive, or a combination)

1 cup mayo

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1 ½ tablespoons malt vinegar

¾ teaspoon black pepper

¾ teaspoon lemon juice

¾ teaspoon kosher salt

Simmer garlic over low heat until slightly browned but soft.

In a bowl, mix remaining ingredients.

Place mayo mixture in processor with roasted garlic and blend slowly adding roasted garlic oil until emulsified.

Crispy Brussels front.jpg