Sweet Potato Crust or Flatbread

After making Sweet Potato Chocolate Truffles, I had leftover sweet potato purée. I decided to try a crust for quiche and ended up with both a crust and also a flatbread.


When wondering what to do with the leftover purée, I vaguely remembered a sweet potato flatbread. Later I tracked it down and found it can also be made with butternut squash. Thankfully I did not remember the recipe right away as it’s kind of complicated; it has coconut flour and gelatin as well as eggs. From what I remember the texture was not any better than the recipe I came up with.


Sweet potato is pretty starchy and seemed perfect for a crust. It needs a binder so I tried egg. At first I tried a ratio of one egg for every half cup of purée. That’s what’s pictured in the photo below. That was fine, but it was super soft and more like plain mashed sweet potato. Next go around I used two eggs for each half cup, and that was just right. It was a little less orange, though I don’t know if that’s because it was a different batch of sweet potatoes or because of the extra egg.


Since greens, eggs, and milk are so plentiful right now, I made multiple quiches with this crust. I used this quiche formula, and eventually I had some leftover crust ingredients. I made a few flatbreads and was really pleased with how they came out. I wished I had known long ago that I did not need the gelatin or coconut flour!


If you are not a big fan of sweet potato, try this with butternut or your favorite winter squash. I wonder if it could be made with a yellow summer squash purée, like I used in this recipe. I’m going to keep experimenting!

Photo by  Zachary Cross

Photo by Zachary Cross

Sweet Potato Pie Crust or Flatbread


½ cup sweet potato purée

2 Tbs butter, melted

2 large eggs

Salt to taste


Whisk all ingredients together.


For a pie crust: spread on the bottom only of a greased pie pan. This recipe amount will make 2 small crusts or 1 large crust, depending on the size of your pan(s) and how thick you like it. Bake at 375° for 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your pan and thickness of your crust. The middle should be set and bread-like, and the edges should be brown. I have only used this crust for quiche so far, but want to experiment with other pies.


For flatbread: I divided the mixture into six, approximately 5”, flatbreads. That’s about 2 tablespoons or so per flatbread. I swirled the mixture in a circle with a spoon on parchment paper and baked at 375° for about 15 minutes, until brown on the edges. These are best warm (including reheated - store in the fridge).


Options: use winter or summer squash purée. Make sure the purée is well drained.


Printable recipe here

Heather Cross