Bad Back Acres

Dogtown, Alabama

We are a small growing hobby farm that specializes in poultry egg production. We have 12 different breeds of poultry laying a large assortment of beautiful, nutritious, and tasty eggs.

Our farm is nestled on beautiful Lookout Mountain, about a mile from Little River Canyon, in Dogtown, Alabama. Our girls are fed hormone free, steroid free, antibiotic free all natural grain that is milled in Guntersville, Al and bought from a feed store 10 miles from the farm.

We believe in supporting our local neighbors as much as possible. We also feed our girls organic fruits and vegetables from our neighbor farmers, spent beer grain from Big Frog Brewing in Red Bank, TN and of course all the bugs and grass they want.

We are investing our “egg money” back into the farm to bring you more culinary delight items in the future. 🥚 Happy Chickens Lay Happy Eggs 🥚

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