Hoe Hop Valley Farm

Parksville, Tennessee

Hoe Hop Valley Farm is located in Parksville, TN (Polk County), which is sorta in between Benton and the Ocoee River. Currently producing pastured poultry on organic pastures with non GMO grains and spring water. Offered fresh weekly during season from the on-farm butcher shop.

Walter and his sons Abe and Asa pretty much run the show with a little help from mom (Candyce) and neighbors (Jeremy and Blake) on butcher days. After Thanksgiving turkeys are delivered, it’s time to take the winter off to allow the pastures to rest. Thoughts are then turned North to help cousin Silas make maple syrup, which of course goes good with just about anything, especially chicken.

Hoe Hop Vally Farm - Parksville, TN
Hoe Hop Valley Farm turkeys in a field
Hoe Hop Valley Farm kitten watching chicks