Land to Table Farm

Trenton, GA

Our mission at Land to Table Farm is to diversify the agricultural scene. That’s why we have chosen to breed Red Wattles, a rare heritage pork breed. They are the bison of pork and are characterized by their resilience, beauty, and leanness compared to other breeds.

Our pigs live outside year-round in a natural forested wetland with plenty of room to roam. Their meat is some of the most flavorful and tender you will ever try due to the natural environment and varied diet we provide for them. These beloved pigs are our babies and we ensure they live happy lives on our farm.

The chickens at Land to Table Farm are organically-fed and rotationally-grazed in our pasture at the top of Sand Mountain. Our flock consists of six breeds of chickens, including Americana, Rhode Island Red, Golden Comet, Plymouth Rock, and hybrids. Our free range ducks consists of four breeds that are known for their egg production.

Eggs are fresh each week (less than 1 week old), ungraded, and do not require refrigeration. We supply eggs in sanitized, recycled cartons that customers can return at the Main St. Farmer’s Market.

We are passionate about sustainability, which includes our herbs and veggies. From our passive solar greenhouse, to the mindfully planned permaculture, we aim to educate and share ways to farm in harmony with nature.

Land to Table Farm
Land to Table piglets in the grass
Land to Table farm at dusk
Land to Table chicken laying in a wheelbarrow
Land to Table wildflowers in a field