New Wave Coffee

Chattanooga, Tennessee

New Wave Coffee sources excellent specialty coffees with high buying impact, ethics, and traceability. Each coffee is roasted to ensure it is delicious and approachable for everyone.

We offer three flagship single origin coffees: Tempo (smooth and chocolatey), Feedback (unique and noteworthy), and Vibrato (bright and fruity). Coffees are sourced with the previously mentioned intentionality, and for these flavor profiles so you always know which coffee you will like based on your palette.

We also offer blends, and incredible decaf coffee. At the market, we plan to serve a variety of draft coffee / coffee adjacent drinks, and sell bags of coffee! We are very excited to begin this journey with you all.

For the concerned buyer, please note that we are agnostic towards certifications, but ensure our coffees are coming from biodynamic growers that are good stewards of the earth.

New Wave Coffee vendor logo
Luke Pigott, owner