Circle S Farm

Rising Fawn, Georgia

Circle S Farm has been doing business in Chattanooga and the surrounding area for 20 years. Our Community Supported Agriculture is 18 years and running. We offer vegetables, flowers, eggs and beef to customers by delivery or pick up at Main Street Farmer’s Market.

Circle S Farm is a sustainable farm focusing on regenerative farming practices and reducing food waste.

Circle S raises vegetables, pastured beef and eggs. Cows are rotated through vegetable plots and then plots are planted in cover crops and rested three years before replanting. We use unsold or “ugly” vegetables and undesirable cuts of meat (mainly organ meat) in Temple Top Dog Treats to help reduce food waste. We also frequently donate vegetables to the Chattanooga Food Bank.

Circle S Farm
Circle S Farm Letty Smith standing with sunflowers
Draft horses pulling a plow
Horses vs tractor
Circle S Farm cows in the field against a blue sky