Sequatchie Cove Farm

Sequatchie, Tennessee

Sequatchie Cove Farm is a diversified farm of 300 acres nestled in the shadows of the Cumberland Plateau, located 35 minutes northwest of downtown Chattanooga. The farm is bordered by the Little Sequatchie River and is surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine Tennessee wilderness. The farm is run by Bill and Miriam Keener, Kelsey and Ashley Keener, Miriam’s parents Jim and Emily Wright, Nathan and Padgett Arnold, Randall Tomlinson and an assortment of seasonal helpers from our community and beyond.

The health of the land, water, air, livestock, ourselves are all linked inextricably. They make decisions and work with this basic philosophy close to their hands and their heart. You can be sure that all of their products arrive at your door with this level of integrity in mind.

How they raise our animals is very important to us. The animals spend their entire lives grazing in open pastures. They graze, scratch, root, and roam the way the animals were designed to. They use no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or growth promoting hormones, just earth, water, compost, and careful management.

They raise healthy, content animals in order to provide a product healthy for our consumption, our environment, and our whole human ecology. Each day they learn a bit more about what each animal needs to live a stress-free and productive life. If an animal is stressed, the whole farm, including the farmer, is stressed. "They know us, we know them and we treat them with respect."

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