Circle S Farm

Rising Fawn, Georgia

Letty and Curtis Smith own and operate Circle S Farm on Lookout Mountain in Rising Fawn, Georgia, about 30 minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

Circle S Farm is a sustainable farm producing naturally grown fruits and vegetables and pasture raised beef, lamb, poultry and eggs. Their vision is to support the community and the environment by growing fresh, healthy food available through CSA, farmer’s markets, local grocery stores and local restaurants. They are also committed to supporting the local economy by buying farm supplies from local, independently owned businesses. The feed and hay they buy is grown and milled locally.

The fruits, vegetables and herbs raised at Circle S Farm are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or commercial fertilizer. They use compost gathered on the farm to fertilize their garden and their pastures.

They have an open door philosophy at Circle S. They encourage their members and friends to stop by anytime (they can’t promise that you won’t be put to work, but they'd love to see you!!).