Wheeler's Orchard & Vinyard

Dunlap, Tennessee

In June of 1974, Wade and Ann Wheeler finally found the farm they had been in search of for years. Two months later, just before a new school year was about to begin, they moved their family of 9 children from the suburbs of Chattanooga to Fredonia Mountian, just outside the town of Dunlap, TN.  The 50 acre farm they had just purchased had once been home to a diversified farm which included an apple orchard.  Though the site of the old orchard was overgrown, it was an ideal location for an apple orchard because it sat in a gorge where warm air from the valley provided extra protection against late spring frosts.  Wade and the 9 children began clearing that fall.

The first apple trees were planted in the spring of 1978. The next year they began planting the small grape vineyard. Now, almost 4 decades later, Wade's children and even some of the grandkids are transforming the orchard & vineyard into a diversified, sustainable farm.

Wheeler's Orchard.png