Erbe Acres

Cloudland Canyon, GA

erbe; a little nickname that we (Eric and Beth) have called ourselves collectively for years (it’s beer on the weekends!). Pronounced phonetically, herb-bee, it also speaks to some of the things we hope to grow and nurture here on the farm.

Our dream of setting up homestead in a slightly warmer climate than our lovely home state of Michigan, has come to fruition in the little North Georgia mountain community of New Salem. We have spent the past 3 years getting to know and love our new home-base in the Chattanooga area and in February of this year we moved onto our little slice of heaven, 8 acres near the entrance to Cloudland Canyon State Park. Our humble family of 2 humans, 1 amazing canine, and 3 goofy chickens has quickly multiplied to include 2 sweet and hilarious stray cats that wandered in hungry and decided to stay, 10 more silly chickens and a surprise rooster...And we are looking forward to adding to our ranks! Our hopes and dreams are to create a place for art, animals, edibles and herbs. And not to forget the oh-so important native flowers, trees and bushes!