A Palate ParTea


Being a borderline Yankee, I did not drink sweet tea growing up. Yes, sad, I know. However, now that I reside below the Mason Dixon line and east of the Mississippi, my tea taste buds are blooming. Expanding my #chaeats diet to include local liquids, I have been searching for alternatives to the red labeled, sugary cola and my cup runneth with choices at our market.

One of the newest vendors, Erbe Acres, offers tea blends comprised of herbs, flowers and who knows whatever else she grows. I purchased an herb bundle that had carrot tops in it and it was delightfully light and refreshing. She informed me the carrot tops have vitamins and minerals to heighten my physical well-being and it automatically perked up my mental well being knowing that the carrot tops had one more juicy life to live before hitting the humus.

Owner of the newly acquired farmstead and gal pal of mine, Beth has been an herb-aholic since I have known her. You may recognize her as she was Crabtree’s assistant farm manger for years and worked their market booth before venturing into her own agricultural operation. “The first time I saw Hibiscus was at Crabtree and I knew then I was going to grow it. on my own land.”

With her close relationship and proximity to Rising Fawn, Beth blends her hibiscus with their turmeric and Hibiscus Turmeric tea is now in stock with this year’s freshest harvest. Mint-marigold, Ladybelle Blend, Hibiscus Holy Basil, Bronchial Blend, Cold & Flew Brew and Kapoor Peach are a few other varieties available all year. She also offers samples at her booth so that you don’t have to blindly taste test once you get home. It changes each week but she has cold ones now and will have warmer temperatures to tempt your taste buds in the cooler temperatures.

As I am new to tea, sweet or hot or any kind, I have needed some guidance in preparation. I mean, I have burned hard boiled eggs several times so some steps are useful. Here is a link that I think covers some basic time for tea. https://www.cupandleaf.com/blog/how-to-steep-tea

Stop by Erbe Acre’s booth and let Beth’s knowledge rock your herbal world.

Cheers to a glass half full.