My Cup Runneth Over


The month of sips has poured over into September because I did not realize that there were so many liquid options at the market. As I have tried to subtract the soda from my daily diet, I have been longing for liquids that add some sweetness and a kick to my day.

Many folks know about Mad Priest Coffee Roasters but not many know about some of the other cool concoctions they offer at the market. With over nine combined years of experience, they are more than confident in mixing it up and supporting the local food movement in their mixes. During peak berry season, Mad Priest offered colorful, flavorful “pops” like Blueberry Fennel and Strawberry made with homemade fruit concentrate, organic white and brown sugar and soda water.

I’m still not sure what was more refreshing—their choosing to partner with their fellow vendors to create something special just for our weekly gathering or their decadent drink to celebrate the season at the market. Both things brought a big smile to many faces in front of and behind the tables. And even as temperatures cool, they always offer cold brew which has become my new caffeine of choice.

Another perk, that Mad Priest brings to us market-goers, is the collaboration with our neighbors at Chattanooga Brewing. They blended ideas and created one of my favorite cold brews of all time— Laotian Coffee Milk Stout. You can have your cake and eat it too if you stop by Mad Priest’s booth, make a purchase then head over to Chattanooga Brewing to get a free pint.

And don’t limit yourself to enjoying the coffee simply in cup form. The grounds can be used in the garden and even in the kitchen. I don’t save every round of grounds but when I know we’ve got some steaks on the menu, I will take the coffee grounds out and dry about 4 Tablespoons on a filter or parchment paper. The course rub will create a caramelized crust and lock in the moisture of the meat. Most recipes for rubs call for espresso powder because it is not as gritty as coffee grounds but I like the grittiness similar to course black pepper so I just use half the amount. Enjoy their coffee at the breakfast table or at the bar and see the recipe below and incorporate Mad Priest into all your meals!

Coffee Rub

2 TB used coffee grounds

4 TB brown sugar

4 TB paprika

2 tsp Kosher salt

2 tsp ground black pepper

Feel free to get creative as I have added chili powder, freshly minced garlic, and oregano to name a few.

Jessie Gantt-TempleComment